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This is the past Youanmen, 850 years of capital history, 456 years of Youanmen. Nowadays, the ancient city gate is no longer there, but the "happy and comfortable" situation described in the poem is always the cultural foundation of this region.


The You'an Prefecture, jointly built by Shimao, Jinmao, and Guorui, is built on the right Anmen Gate. It hopes to be rooted in the ground, humanities, and brands to create an imperial villa area that has a sense of belonging, and combines with the current aesthetic sublimation creation. Give it a new spatial perception.


To this end, they strongly invited the famous designers Huangquan and Tangzhonghan to perform the hard costumes of the two model villas. The soft costumes were created by Sairuidipushengyongnuo. They used history as an opportunity to touch modern times and create a unique life that belongs to this land. charm.





An imprinted space full of experience.

Discussion on the Relationship between Contemporary Cities and Habitat


In contrast, it is a neat line and a simple home soft dress color that represents the quality of urban life. "We hope to isolate the hustle and bustle, do not advocate affectation, and pursue the texture and beauty of the top luxury homes in the world. At the same time integrated into the popular international Oriental vision, Avenue to Jane. " said Shengyongnuo.


In addition, the two empty spaces increase the light permeability and visual elongation, making the space more free, setting the scenery like a picturesque window, and creating a pleasant vision.


In order to ensure the full lighting of the underground floor, he designed a landscape wall on the wall, and through the patio it seemed to be connected to a layer of garden, eventually forming a lighting courtyard in the middle. The outdoor landscape is cleverly introduced into the interior, allowing the family library, Zen tea room and wine tasting area to coexist harmoniously in a harmonious space.


As a link between the upper and lower spaces, the stairs are designed to be suspended, not only creating a sense of lightness, but also making it easier for the sun to pass through. Different times, the resulting light and shadow are also different, adding more to the quiet and natural space. Rich texture.


Ba Jin's "Home" is a comfortable haven: "People lie down, take off the masks they wear during the day, and begin to open their hearts and open their own 'soul'." The rapid development of the Internet today is also the same, is the 'heart' building home temperature.


The children's play room is divided into musical instrument area, game area, learning area, painting area, castle climbing area and many other areas. Mild milky white and bright yellow correspond to the innocence and liveliness in the children's cognitive world.


The design of the castle climbing area was inspired by the master bedroom's herringbone ceiling, and the inclined top structure not only enriched the space interest, but also achieved the maximum space utilization rate.


The open study uses materials to define the space area. The ceiling and the floor use the same material. The owner lives like a wooden box and is kindly settled.


The space produced under this main tone is also full of natural flavor, such as the first floor living room, the free opening space structure, so that the living room, study and restaurant are seen at the moment of entrance and exit, as if they were in nature. It greatly increases the freedom of communication.


In order to distinguish between public areas and personal space, the bedroom is set on the second floor to ensure that privacy is not disturbed. The main bedroom is equipped with a continuous storage cabinet, creating a spatial scale magnification effect, and the material of the cloth gives the space a more warm and comfortable feeling.


Soft clothing is also based on environmental protection and ecology. It respects the natural environment's true gifts and cleverly introduces forest green into space. From color furniture to material art, it aims to create a breathable green garden.


The spa area is also designed on the underground floor. The original stone bed creates a natural image. The surrounding scenery is adjacent to the bamboo forest. It is like enjoying the natural atmosphere in the shade of the forest. The bamboo forest, water scene, and sky light are combined together. It is also like a kind of soul. The washing process.


In order to cater to this green, the designer designed the open window in the patio, and the sun inadvertently penetrated all corners. The teahouse is a space that is raised, like a box floating in the air. Tea brick walls through the grille out of bursts of tea fragrance, touch the five senses of tea, surrounded by a comfortable natural melody.



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吊打iPhone X,三星曝光最新全面屏专利

虽然 iPhone X 实现了全面屏,但是「刘海」设计真是 Bug,引来频频吐槽,近日又有消息称因「刘海」问题,iPhone X 或将于今年年中停产。 实际上,全面屏是未来手机发展的趋势
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我已经变灰了,感觉很好。 为了戒掉手机瘾,我加入了一小群人的行动,把手机屏幕调成了灰色——去掉颜色,调成从白色到黑色之间的一系列灰色。这种做法最初是由技术道德专家特里斯坦·哈里斯(Tristan
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找一个院子,在这里消磨时光,身处于院子中,时间是静止的,心灵是空明的,在这样的院子里,会忘却世间一切, 所谓喧嚣、烦乱、各种忙......都在此刻停顿,停下脚步,给灵魂一个歇息的时间。
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1950年出生的张太沛,从小在爷爷的花园里长大,心里埋下了一颗花园的种子。2002年,他终于在安徽马鞍山的东郊,找到一块5000平米的地,租期50年,因为园子里本来就有三棵100多岁的大树,他便给花园取名“三棵树庄园”。花园虽然大, 但张太沛都是用废旧材料来改建园子:青砖、矿石、枕木…… 所有原材料加起来也就1万多块钱。16年来,张太沛大半的心思都在这花园里了,2011年,这里曾被美国杂志《美好家园》(Better Homes&Gardens)评为“中国最美私家花园”。
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上海古北 ONE 顶层设计,格调十足的生活方式演绎

方磊,壹舍设计创始人。近年来获得诸多国内外室内设计大奖。擅长用现代简约的美学精神展开空间多维描述,以克制与平衡的手法、表像和内在的矛盾统一来表现丰富而纯粹的设计本质。 方磊先生认为设计师思维是感性与理性的结合,设计工作实际是表里不一的呈现。他喜欢用设计语汇解构空间内涵,并执着于将设计演绎到极
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