Design the Path and Method to Drive the Upgrade of Catering Brands

Fang Lei, Ma Qianwen, Li Botao

2020-04-26 16:22:44


This paper mainly studies the ways and methods to design and drive the upgrading of catering brands.

Through the analysis of the necessity of catering brand upgrading and design-driven catering brand upgrading, combined with the implementation of the specific projects of Yi Pin Huang Niu, the path and method of design-driven cateringbrand upgrading are summarized.

In order to better design drive upgrade brand catering task, it must be on the basis of design innovation to show brand new image, play to the design of the core driving force, link brand related factors such as market, technology and culture, and employ "design+" mode to build brand catering operation of the new platform.

It not only help brand transform successfully,also can highlight the deeper value of the design.


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