A Study of Calligraphy Fonts on the Cover of Books from 1949 to 1966

KOU Yi- xin, GONG Xiao-fan

2020-04-26 17:20:01


The "17-year" period (1949—1966) was the beginning of the new Chinese book cover design art. From the perspective of the design and application of calligraphy fonts on the cover of the "17 Years" book

the article presents the morphological characteristics of book cover design through the political culture of the founding period of New China,the "17-year" books are analyzed from the perspective of traditional calligraphy art.

The method and concept of cover font design, tap its deep artistic connotation, sum up the artistic essence and value of calligraphy fonts in this period, and provide experience and reference for the development of Chinese book cover font design art.


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