Carl Hansen & Søn Celebrate Outdoor Living And Timeless Danish Design

Emily Grundon,Carl Hansen & Søn

2020-04-27 18:24:06


Danish furniture company Carl Hansen & Søn has long been known for its timeless, functional design. In their new ‘Outdoor Collection,’ exterior living is celebrated in a series of bespoke pieces brought together in collaboration with three renowned designers.

Utilizing quality materials and exceptional craftsmanship, the collection brings classic Danish design to the forefront of functional living. Featured pieces include the Outdoor series, first created by acclaimed designer Børge Mogensen in the late 1960s. Drawing on the original designs, the pieces have been expertly crafted using solid, untreated teak with the addition of Sunbrella fabric for additional tactility. Foldable chairs, benches, and a table have all been reworked to suit modern sensibilities, including an ingenious collapsible construction and wall mounts for ease of storage. Danish designer Bodil Kjær’s Indoor-Outdoor series also features—formed of dark-stained teak, the pieces epitomize dual-functionality, designed for use both inside and outside of the home. Finally, revered designer Morten Gøttler’s iconic Cuba Chair, launched for the collection in a new combination of teak and flat-weave rope, allows for the ingenious foldable frame to now also be enjoyed outdoors. The collection is a celebration of exceptional craftsmanship, modern Danish design, and the simple joy of outdoor living.


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