A Brief Introduction to the Artistic Design of Art Museum Works Integrating into Cultural Square

Ding Jing

2020-04-28 13:52:39


This article puts forward the creation of Lai Shaoji Cultural Square and integrates various artistic elements which can reflect the lofty artistic achievements of the master of art into the construction of the cultural square through artistic design,

 just because Lai Shaoqji Art Museum has a relatively small area of exhibition hall, and it is difficult to fully display the outstanding achievements of Lai Shaoqi in many fields of art.

 The article also thinks that the most representative works of art, which can only be displayed in the art museum, are fully displayed in the cultural square through other forms of artistic expression,

 forming a new method for the exhibition of the works of the art museum, filling the gap of the art museum and making the works of art new life and vitality in the cultural square.


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