The Relation between Co-working Space and the Main Components of Urban Space

Han Xuesong

2020-04-29 15:15:54


As the main development mode of new office space in the Era of Everyone, co-working space is a new type of comprehensive space dominated by office demands and a mode of working space of urban space. 

As a carrier of macro-space, the urban space shows us the situation of economy, ecology, and society comprehensively.Under such a environment with society resoulution, the office space designing need absorb macro-elements from urban space designing concept to conform the trend of the development of times better.

This article analyses the main component of co-working space and urban space and explore the effect of office urban,which help us build a new view on co-working space under the condition of urban space design as well as a new explanation for urban space design concept in the field of innovation-oriented office space.


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