Research on Presupposed Old-age Pension Design in the Background of Aging Society

Wang Fang, Liu Kehui

2020-05-06 15:30:06


The pre-designed old-age care design concept can create a more comprehensive and comfortable self-supporting living environment for the aged when designing the house which is suitable for the old.

 Method To hide what we want to express at the time of design, turn it into an indirect way to support the elderly' s life under the

declining physiological function. 

Consider the actual needs of the elderly after they enter the age, consider their physiological characteristics, psychological needs and lifestyle changes. This paper analyzes and references the existing retirement living model abroad, and puts forward the problems existing in China's home care. 

This articlediscusses how to use the design concept of pre-arrangement for retirement, and the main object is in the design of being residential for the aged. It studies the space environment, layout of houses, and living and use.

 Result Get the best old-age design principles to guide the design. Conclusion Through investigation and analysis, we can draw a stage guidance plan to solve the problem of home-based old-age care for the elderly in the context of an aging society.


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