Study on the Aged-oriented Design of the Public Space in the Tianjin Subway Station, Taking Wangdingdi Station as an Example

Chen Zhihui, Zhang Benben, Niu Ruini, Li Dongpo, Wang Zhenming, Zhou Qiang

2020-05-06 15:36:25


With the acceleration of the aging process in China, all sectors of society pay more and more attention to the old- age facilities. From the perspective of user research, this paper discusses the "ageing" design of urban transport infrastructure - metro. 

Through on-the-spot follow-up and investigation, we can know the daily use of metro for the elderly, understand the actual demands of the elderly through questionnaires and interviews, 

and put forward improvement plans and suggestions based on the psychological and physiological characteristics of the elderly

taking Wangdingdi Station as an example, which is of great significance to better serve the elderly and enhance their urban life experience in the future.


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