Japanese Minimalism Meets Abstract Sculpture

Emily Engle

2020-05-09 15:33:38


Brazilian architect Patricia Anastassiadis has released her third collection of furniture for design brand Artefacto. The new body of work, called Edition 2020, takes inspiration from Japanese minimalism and the work of artist Jean Arp. It consists of a chaise lounge, two dining tables, two sofas, two coffee tables, and a side table.

A common theme throughout the entire collection is Japanese minimalism, which manifests itself through straightforward shapes, subtle textures, and neutral colors. Each piece plays with emptiness, whether it be leaving space between couch cushions or utilizing thin, layered forms to create airy dimension.

The Greta Modular Sofa offers multiple formats, as the seats and support table can slide horizontally over the base frame.

The bulbous Arp Chaise directly pays tribute to the sculptural works of Jean Arp. Anastassiadis was inspired by Arp’s use of abstract human forms and drew upon similar shapes when sculpting the comfortable lounge chair. Through its natural form factor, Anastassiadis hopes users will be transported to a world that’s “free from the artificialities of industrialized civilization.”

The only pop of color in the collection is a bright orange modular sofa with tonal, geometric cushions. The modules can be separated for individual seating options or combined for communal seating.


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