The Atmosphère Collar Beautifies Artificial Intelligence

Gregory Han

2020-05-09 18:04:38


If Seymourpowell’s beauty concept Atmosphére is any indication of the future of wearables, we’ll soon be counteracting the negative effects of pollution, urbanization, and age itself within our own bubbles of protection wearing fashionable and functional pieces of AI-powered devices everywhere we go.

Industrial design and innovation agency Seymourpowell proposes integrating artificial intelligence to imbue wearables with the ability to actively protect users from toxic urban environments in the convenience of a wearable design. Location-based data and the users’ personal data, including skin type and monitored physiological/environmental feedback (e.g. temperature and air quality) are envisioned to feed data in real-time, with the Atmosphére Collar adjusting a variety of sensory, mood, and health-enhancing care.

The device’s ribbed design is an aesthetic detail, but also operates as vents around the rim of the Atmosphére. Sensors adjust air filtration, humidity, and temperature, alongside dispensing health and beauty measures like sun protection as determined by user preference with the aid of AI.

Additional help awaits at home in the form of a chaise lounge, a home base of rejuvenation operated by app and capable of emanating atomized skincare vapors for similar health-enhancing effects. Temperature and air quality are adjustable, offering a greater degree of efficacy than with the collar alone, turning a piece of furniture into a tech-enabled physiological and psychological sensorial refuge.


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