KYOTO: Ace Hotel Kyoto Opening


2020-05-11 14:34:00


It isn’t a surprise that Ace Hotel‘s quirky hospitality format strikes a chord with a creative and design initiated demographic across the planet. Blending heartfelt authenticity, local flavour and coolness, the boutique hotel chain is about to open its newest outpost in the Land of the Rising Sun. Situated in the heart of Kyoto, the country’s revered cultural capital, the venue is a bold statement that sees a collab with acclaimed Japanese architect Kengo Kuma and Los Angeles-based design practice and longtime Ace Hotel partner Commune. Simply called Ace Hotel Kyoto, it features 213 guest rooms and suites across a part new-build and part historic structure which was once home to Kyoto Central Telephone Company by architect Tetsuro Yoshida (1894-1956). 

Mind you, the sight previously housed Shin Puh Kan, a popular mall featuring upscale shops and eateries. Needless to say, each room reflects the city’s abundance of craft, attention to detail and love for beautiful, functional design. Some rooms come with garden views, window seats, tatami mattresses and double vanities. Most rooms have turntables and all rooms have a Tivoli radio, Japanese soaking tub and original art from local Japanese artists. Ace Hotel Kyoto will additionally feature an animated lobby, a verdant garden courtyard, a gallery, event spaces, collaborations with local artists, a cafe and three stand alone restaurants. The property officially opens its doors on Thu – April 16 and already accepts reservations.


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