Flexible Workspaces Emerge in the New T-Mobile HQ in Prague

Caroline Williamson

2020-05-13 11:17:46


T-Mobile Czech Republic teamed up with CAPEXUS to redesign the telecom operator’s Prague offices to go from a closed off setup to flexible workspaces. The new modern space was designed with the employees in mind with proper zoning, open spaces, bold colors, and natural elements to form a comfortable working environment.

The employees went from small, enclosed offices to an open floor plan that easily morphs for various scenarios as needed. There are also spots for them to work when they need to focus, for group sessions, and places to relax and take a break.

The employees work in teams of 20 that are assigned to their own, color-coordinated section, aka neighborhood, which also includes a “focus-hub” for groups of up to four people. The hub is outfitted with movable walls that allow the space to be divided up into three separate rooms.

To help minimize waste, internal memos are projected onto LED screens in lieu of paper notes, and plastic bottles are replaced with soda machines in the kitchens.

CAPEXUS used acoustic panels and curtains, along with greenery, to help visually and aurally section off the zones.


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