The Function of Animation Color Design in Animation Short Film

Yuan Junyi

2020-05-13 15:12:43


Color is the beginning of our appreciation of art and understanding of the world, is the key to open the door to themagic of animated short films. 

The reasonable use of hue, purity and lightness in colors can enhance the artistic value of the animation short film, drive the emotions of the audience and promote the development of the plot.

Color matching in a good animated short film is always shocking, which can make the plot of the animated short film clearer and more emotional. 

Through the theme, theme and content expressed by the animation, we should make good use of the animation color design to play a role in the animation short film, and depict the character's personality through the color, so that the audience can perceive the scene of the animation short film and the emotion conveyed by the character.


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