Caseta: A Stunning Home On A West Frisian Island


2020-05-14 10:47:46


Located on an island in the Dutch Frisian lakes, this holiday home was designed to replace one that was in poor structural condition. Reachable only by boat, Caseta is a stunning piece of residential architecture, inside and out.

The West Frisian Islands (known as The Dutch Wadden Islands) are a chain of five islands that lie at the northern side of the Netherlands. The largest of these is Texel, an all year round beach island whose central area is Den Burd.

With wide fields and water in all directions, Texel is a typical Frisian island in that it has its own distinct character and history. Lichtstad Architects was challenged to replace an old holiday home in Den Burd with a new design that maximized the space and environment.

Because the old home had to be demolished, the opportunity arose to reposition the home closer to the island’s edge, reducing the separation between land and water.

Now, closer to the shore, the new home’s large windows serve two purposes, to let in light and to embrace the surrounding views.

Skûtsjesilen, a popular annual summer regatta between old Frisian freight ships, was the inspiration for the Caseta’s design.

The lines and shapes of the sails are subtly visible in the edges of the roof and the curvature of the roofline. The mechanism for opening the curtains was designed to emulate the mechanism for hoisting the sails.


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