Wu Haiyan: Present Beauty Of The East Through One Silk And One Porcelain


2020-05-16 16:54:55


The serial products of Flourishing East featured One Silk and One Porcelain are inspired by the murals in Fahai Temple, which date back to the Ming dynasty. Through exploring the classical design showed in exquisite frescoes, designers innovatively incorporate today's fashion nature, style, color, and concept in the design of Chinese silk and porcelain, two most important elements in China over thousands of years.

They include Chinese culture in the products through design, pattern and craft, so as to practice and promote life with oriental characteristics. The flowery silk makes the most elegant ornament in female clothes. The delicate Yingluo (a type of pearl and jade necklace in ancient China) pattern on daily used porcelain may look exotic in colors and patterns at first sight, which are actually inspired by frescoes in Fahai Temple.

The exquisite murals on clothes, backpacks, books, porcelain and sofas embody the soul of traditional Chinese culture. Wu Haiyan connects tradition with fashion, and activates tradition in contemporary daily life. One Silk and One Porcelain is an active innovation, the promotion of culture, and the enrichment of life.


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