Lyu Yue: The Art Of Fashion


2020-05-18 16:14:51


In China, if we need to nominate a person who can make clothes like creating art, the first person coming to our mind must be Lyu Yue. Professor Lyu Yue, a designer, an artist and a curators, is the founder of the courses of fashion design in the Central Academy of Fine Arts. Her attainments in costume design and in fashion art are enormous. She has won manyrewards. She has been undertaken the role of judges for many inter-national fashion competitions. She has extensively collaborated withinternational fashion institutions. Her fashion artwork and fashion design works are exhibited in many exhibitions and events. Her works are collected by a number of institutions and many private collectors.

Lyu Yue is not so much a fashion designer as an artist. She often present the constellations of works with distinctive personal characteristics by using the ready-made products which possess the Yin and Yang fea-tures. Some commentators critics have pointed out: " Lyu Yue shows strong interests in the Chinese way of thinking. Traditional Chinese philosophy originates from the division of QianKun (Heaven and Earth) and Yin and Yang for analyzing the universe. The counteraction between Yin and Yang can enhance harmony between heaven and earth. All things and creatures live peacefully together. Lyu Yue's work has consistently revealedthis thinking.

Fashion art is an emerging art after the rise of contemporary American art. In one exhibition, artists from different fields planned to make an exhibition by using clothing as a form of art. At that time it was called 'Artto Wear'. Then gradually it was renamed as Fashion Art. It shows using clothing as a way to express our views on the world.

Fashion art entered China late. Lyu Yue can be said to be the first group of people in touch with fashion art. At that time she had the opportunity to go abroad to see the exhibitions, to experience with the first line of fashion art works and fashion artists. Later, she also began to create her own costume art works. In 1994, as the only invited Chinese designer,on behalf of China, she participated in the "Asian Fashion Show" held in Osaka, Japan. In 1996, she held her own work exhibition show in Beijing. In 2000, she held her own work exhibition show in Japan. And her own brand exhibition was held in France in 2004.

"My goal is for every woman to have a life of her own and to achieve self-satisfaction," she said. She described her costumes as: "Women should not assure their happiness by dressing up sexy to please men, or by focusing on their posture to satisfy man. Instead, they should attract them with their thoughts".


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