Qiu Jieji: Bring Out Traditional Culture From Jewelry


2020-05-20 10:49:29


Qiu Jieji, the founder of Jianji Jewelry Design Studio, graduated from the Fine Arts Department af Hangzhou Normal University. In 2015, Qiu Jieji set about establishing the studio. In July 2016, the work "Durian Red" was short listed for the CHJ JEWELLERY jewelry design competition. In November 2017, Qiu Jieji completed the advanced courses for HRD jewelry creativity. In May 2018, Qiu Jieji completed the courses for provincial senior appraiser of jade.

The exhibits by jewelry designer Qiu Jieji and her Jianji Jewelry Design Studio are jewelryworks based on Chinese traditional culture, only that the works this time have a trace of modern style. For example, diamond-shaped jade pendant named "Stacking" by using the green diamond-shaped jade for the upper layer, while its middle layer adopts the 18k gold straight diamond-shaped rhombic lines and linearly inlaid diamond parallel to the jade. The special design gives a three-dimensional feeling to the main diamond-shaped product. The bottom layer uses 18k platinum color separation to enhance the overall visual effect of the pendant. The rhombic pendant buckle is integrated with the overall design, giving a sense of lines and modernity to the whole work. For the earring named "After the Rain', its shape is based on A-frame top of buildings in the past. A circle is formed in the shape of a drop of water, with a diamond-inlaid protrusion. Sand blasting process is used for the middle part.The bottom of the earring has a flexible round jade with staggered color. The overall contour has a strong Chinese style. Featuring the raindrop-shaped stone, it creates a fresh, un-worldly and vibrant scene reminiscent of Jiangnan after the rain. It combines graceful and dynamic temperament to indicate all things coming to life in spring.

Of course, there are single works from Chinese traditional elements, such as bracelet named "Jin Su". The overall design features Chinese brocade-like stunningly exquisite and delicate nature. Combining green jade and white jade stone, sapphires, diamonds and 18K gold, the bracelet made of various materials through craftsmanship shows a strong Chinese style and modern elements. There is also the pendant work named "Yi", the principal part of which is a dragon-shaped hollow carved jade. The design features the hollow and bank parts. Added to the hollowed part and 18K gold are sapphire, tsavolite, and broken diamonds and so on.The entire dragon-shaped carved pendant is endowed with a new life. The dragon is also amystical animal in ancient Chinese mythology, and, as a symbol of auspiciousness, is one of the best representatives of traditional cultures of the Chinese nation.


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