EVE CINA: Defines The Nationality By Using Modern Technique


2020-05-21 12:49:59


EVE CINA know as a symbol of Chinese brands in the fashion industry. On the opening day of the 2012 Summer Olympics London, the gurus in the business community including Liu Chuanzhi, Yu Minhong, and Ma Weihua dressed by EVE CINA. EVE CINA put on a "luxury lineup' fashion show in London. This is still vivid in memory. In 1994, Xia Hua, the chairman of EVE CINA Group, graduated from China University of Political Science and Law. She set up in business as a sales clerk at Xidan Shopping Mall. After 5 years, EVE CINA has become a globally influential Chinese national brand.

EVE CINA extracts the Bouyei elements, and reorganizes the traditional patterns and elements. It redefines the national characteristics by using modern methods, It presents the elements of the nationality in a modern, fashionable manner. This new concept of fashion incorporates the vision of international fashion, reshaping the Chinese traditional culture.

Embroidery is art for ordinary people, but for embroidery mother is the simple, real life and craftsmanship that runs in their blood. They embroider their wedding dresses for themselves and for their daughters. Embroidery covers the Yangtze River, the Yellow River, andthe family migration map. With silk as their life and the tip of the needle as a stage, they inject lifetime emotion into embroidery. However, it is a miserable life in the mountains. Due to the circumstance, embroidery mother have to put down needlework and sell fruit at the scenic spots to supplement their meager income.

In the past I5 years, EVE CINA Craftsman ship has accumnlated a wealth of master craftsmen, and established the most complete database on Chinese craftsmen and the database on handicraft element patterns. Over 8,000 embroidery women involved in the database can quickly receive the orders through the system. At the same time, upwards of 4 ,000 Chinese elements patterns in the database can be used by designers worldwide. Nowadays, a economic situation of most embroidery mother involved in the database has greatly impraved.About 15% of embroidery mother have shaken off poverty, and 5% of them have an average monthly income in excess of RMB 5,000.


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