The Art Of Walking


2020-05-22 17:19:09


Different soils nourish different cultures. Different cultures leads to different aesthetics. However, as the global integration deepens, the orientation of aesthetics is also becoming increasingly similar. In this process, however, many brands and many designers choose to use the continuityof heritage for innovation, incorporating the elements of Chinese style into the contemporary life. Sheme is one of them.

"As regards globalization, we are also exploring in this aspect. A new generation of consumers who have grown up in the era of global integration has access to diverse information, a broader perspective, confidence and individuality. How to translate the essence of Chinese culture into the contemporary spirit, with international and Chinese features? This is the direction we are exploring," said Zhang Jinxian, the design director and chief designer of Sheme.

Two or three decades ago, brands or products led by Chinese designer swere few and far between. The Chinese fashion consumer goods market was dominated by international aesthetic standards, and the Chinese industry mainly followed the trend. In terms of design, China's strength was weak. With the development of the economy and the improvement of people's living standards, the number of Chinese designers is growing and the standards are improving. Many new-generation designers keep a breast of the international trend.

Nowadays, all types of designs are flourishing in China, and designers usevarious expression techniques more freely to show their own thoughts. While in keeping with the international practices, more and more Chinese designers have an international perspective and some designers are more willing to seek their roots from Chinese culture instead of abandoning them. Zhang Jinxian holds that this is also the manifestations of the cultural awakening of the Chinese people.


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