Zhao Huizhou: Create The Oriental Charms


2020-05-25 10:57:25


Zhao Huizhou, founder and chief designer of EACHWAY Fashion Group, China's top ten fashion designers, chief designer of 2014 APEC garment, Chinese women's designer participating in the International Fashion Week Milan in 2015, and having won the 22nd China Fashion Design "Golden Top Award" in 2018.

The designer participates in this exhibition with her clothing brand HUI and the "Building and Making" series collection. With the theme of Building and Making, the designer uses Latin "Domus" for inspiration of this season's design by exploring the diverse relationship between women and fashion. This interprets the concept of "home" and harnesses a unique design language to create a new collection. Through the dialogue between the past and the future, and the combination of traditional craftsmanship and future technology, it empowers each woman to build a home, bringing the home-like package and warmth to the visitors. Each gives the dual meaning of showing women's external appearance and abstract inner mind. Through the simple and ethereal silhouette, the transparent gauze material, and the ancient embroidery with attention to details, it interprets the sturdy garment, the lofty cloak, pavilion-like skirt... HUI deconstructs the Zen meaning and flexibility of oriental charm, and incorporate simple and cold Western aesthetics to reorganize anew classic, modern picture.


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