Cycling: The Past And The Future


2020-05-26 15:29:53


Bicycles are very familiar to us as a means of transportation. In the 1970s and 1980s, China was once called "the kingdom of bicycles". Bicycles were the daily necessities of Chinese people. British singer Katie Melua wrote a song called "nine million bicycles in Beijing" based on her travels in China, which has been widely circulated abroad. In the past, when bicycles were used mainly for living and production, few people viewed them from a cultural and design perspective. With the change of times and the development of cities, motor vehicles have become more popular means of transportation, and owning a car has become an indicator of the quality of life. Driving is being phased out. In recent years, as people from all walks of life continue to pay attention to ecological civilization, sustainable development, low-carbon environmental protection and other issues, bicycle, as a green way of travel, has again become the focus of attention in the current urban planning and design of various countries.


In recent years, some bicycle brands have not only highlighted environmental protection in concept, but also made innovations in material. Bamboo Bicycle Beijing , founded in Beijing in 2013, makes bicycles out of Bamboo. BBB founder David Wang originally set up a bike studio in Beijing's Langjia Hutong, inviting friends to come and learn how to make his own bamboo bikes. Using bamboo as the core frame, David's bike is made of carbon fiber and attached to it with other accessories. It is light and strong, and the shape can be adjusted according to the user's preferences and habits."Bamboo is an amazing material that grows fast, hard and sustainably. Many westerners think bamboo is very beautiful, which is probably orientalism.


Today, there is an increasing number of innovative infrastructure projects around the world serving cycling enthusiasts. In terms of urban planning, many countries have increased the number of bike lanes and parking Spaces in cities in recent years. In 2017, the first biennale of bicycle architecture was held in the Netherlands to explore how to better promote bicycles in cities through design, as well as the impact of cycling on cities, in the hope of bringing healthier lifestyles, more inclusive communities and a cleaner environment through bicycles.


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