Sustainable Design Gives Wasted Materrails New Life


2020-05-29 11:20:58


Social development and scientific and technological progress have brought people rich material life. People are enjoying it while they are making rubbish and waste. The relationship between man and nature has gradually deteriorated. How to guide people to practice a green lifestyle and live in harmony with nature has become a topic of concern in recent years even in design circle. Many designers with their eyes on the future are finding that discarded waste can not only be reprocessed into reusable materials, but also become a new medium for artists and designers to create art.

The Future Sea Craft is the first project launched by florian and kristin in London. Designer found that after the tide of the river Thames there are a lot of garbage washed ashore, in waters near to investigate and found there are a lot of plastic waste, Marine life will eat these plastic products, consequence is very serious, so they produced by design in Marine garbage and waste into a product idea. They cast the plastic collected on the Banks of the Thames into elegant tiles called Thames Terrazzo.

Florian and Christine has participated in many different themes of sustainable design studio projects, such as the use of 3 d printing will fishing net manufacturing traditional way to design and production of the lamp, by paper mill of recycled paper pulp process into paper art lamp, the recycling of plastic processing after the combination of different ways to create a special texture of marble, and produced marble lamps, also the molten plastic solution fixed shape, made of gold pieces of fine seal carving.

Florian and Christian adhere to the idea of "make the most of everything" in design and creation, and in the process of realizing sustainable design. Always ensure the design product to maintain fixed visual appreciation.


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