Upcycling, Another Lifecycle Of Clothing


2020-06-01 11:45:57


Recently, Redress Design Award announced 10 finalists. Redress aims to reduce waste and promote sustainable fashion design in the fashion industry.

In most cases, the design and production of clothing followed a linear process, starting from the collection of raw materials, through the textile production, manufacturing, design, made into clothing, transportation and sales, and finally by the hands of consumers to end the life cycle of clothing, discarded by them.

However, if more consideration is given to the sources of textile materials in terms of green and sustainable design, it can be found that the materials discarded at the end of the linear process can be put into a new design and production.

The new recycling process is closed that includes the recycling process. The recycling link connects design production and consumption processes, and takes the clothes abandoned by consumers as the raw materials in the new production process.

In such a new design production process, by recycling the fabric fiber and putting it back into production and consumption cycle, on the one hand, the waste of resources already produced can be reduced, on the other hand, the cost of producing new raw materials from the beginning can be reduced.

At present, more and more cities in China are promoting the recycling of resources to reduce waste and save resources. Not only a lot of overseas designers are recycling fashion design practice, but also a lot of domestic fashion designers began to explore this field.


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