New Born Of The Old Flip Flops


2020-06-02 11:08:47


When we think of Marine waste, most people would think of plastic bags, bottles, cigarette butts or broken beach supplies. Surprisingly, slippers are the second of Marine pollution after plastic.

In southeast Kenya, there is one of East Africa's largest seaports, Mombasa. It is one of the major logistics trading bases in Africa. It plays an important role in Africa. It is also a resort with desirable white sandy beaches and azure waters that attract visitors from all over the world. When Julie Church, founder of 0cean Sole, Kenyan, set foot in the beautiful area in 1997, she was struck by the wasteland piled high on the beach. Julie found Mombasa fine sandy beach, piled high with debris, in addition to the common plastic, also filled with a large number of our summer wear flip-flops, these people have word drag garbage discarded, local residents also has a lot of music from other countries because of the ocean currents, Julie decided to help the local people to change.

At first, Julie just wanted to recycle the flip-flops from the beach, but what to do with the huge number of flip-flops is also a big problem. In 1998, Julie decided to turn flip-flops into toys, inspired by local children's handmade toys. Ms. Julie's solution is to start by asking residents to collect the flip-flops, wash and disinfect them, sort them by color, cut them into pieces, and then mold and polish them to make a variety of colorful handicrafts.

From 2000, when Julie successfully sold her first batch of handicrafts, to 2005, when the sales reached a certain scale, Julie established 0cean Sole. By the beginning of 2020, the original 3 employees had grown to nearly 100 employees, which solved the problem of income for more local people in Kenya. And these pollutants, which had been drifting in the sea, have once again become commodities needed by people, truly realizing the transformation of waste into treasure and ushering in the second spring.


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