From Recycling To Upcycling Design


2020-06-07 10:55:41


In Korea, Upcycling Design has gone beyond the concept of "Recycling" to become an emerging future industry.


Seoul's population density is 12 times that of Beijing, yet the urban area is only 605 square kilometers. More than 10 million people generate 9,000 tons of urban garbage every day, and the limited land space poses great challenges to the city. Therefore, the government attaches great importance to the issue of waste management, and the general interest and participation of the public in this issue are also very high.


South Korea has one of the world's leading waste management laws and initiatives, and Seoul's per capita urban waste production has been declining for nearly 30 years. Upcycling has become popular in recent years as waste that is recycled is recycled into more valuable, environmentally friendly products through, for example, design. From the economic perspective, resource regeneration is conducive to industrial upgrading. From the environmental perspective, if the whole process goes smoothly and waste can be accepted by the market, a virtuous material cycle system can be formed, and the problem of limited waste disposal capacity can be alleviated. Today, most of Seoul's municipal waste is collected uniformly, dried, buried or burned for fuel or livestock feed. In addition, some wastes are recycled through upgrading to regain new life and return to the market in the form of products.



The brand settled in the regeneration center has developed many products, full of creativity and sense of design.


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