A Fashion Dialogue Between East And West


2020-06-08 16:26:20


Recently, with the theme of "Reconstruction 2020", China International Fashion Week in 2020 fashion show held in Beijing Fang and PAGEONE. The fashion show had no audience.

Chinese elements of Zen have long been a source of inspiration for designers in the 21st century fashion scene. In this press conference, each big brand from The Chinese culture, combined with western design elements, a market collision between the East and the West.

Designer Liu Lu's brand LINK UNIQUE 2020 autumn/winter series is themed as "Light and shadow in the west and east". The design is based on three series: the moon falling in the west, the sun rising in the east and the light and shadow in the west. "I have a strong interest in Chinese culture. I have been hoping to combine the western design language with the essence of Chinese culture to explore more possibilities of clothing innovation. Especially in the context of China's rising international status, I want to explore more possibilities of dialogue with the western fashion industry through my works."said Liu Lu, a designer.

After the rain, the clouds opened, and the future colored. "When I was looking for design inspiration, I noticed the beautiful colors of Ru and Jun kilns. Their cultural and historical backgrounds are similar, but the colors are quite different. Jun kiln colorful, Ru kiln quietly elegant exquisite, the conflict is stronger. Therefore, in terms of color, I blended in the quiet elegance of Ru kiln, as well as the intense, contradictory and color collision of Jun Kiln." said Chen Yu, a designer in LAIPOSE CHENYU.


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