Tower And Sea: Visit Paolo Sandulli's Studio


2020-06-15 13:19:02


In April, many countries in continental Europe are still experiencing a mild cold in early spring. The Amalfi coast of southern Italy is already in full summer bloom under the Mediterranean sun.

The sun doesn't set until eight in the evening. The inter-village bus zoomed along a road along a cliff by the sea, flanked by large golden lemon trees. Praiano town, where I ended up, appeared as a town facing the sea. Here I ran into the artist Paolo Sandulli and his studio.

From the path along the main road, you can see the isolated stone tower in the distance, not mentioned in maps or guidebooks. Looking for an entrance along the path, the spring flowers and the warm sea breeze are bringing you to the peach garden. The rock faces along the road were inlaid at intervals with lively pictures of the sea. As we neared the tower, we were cut off by a locked iron gate, which led to the entrance of the stone tower, which stood on the edge of the cliff overlooking the sea. The plaque in front of the iron gate says "Private Domain," and a black goat stares at me through the fence in a master pose. A human face was inlaid on the stone steps in front of the door. There is a small window at the top of the tower, and a sculpture of a diving figure can be seen. I was curious about the tower's mysterious owner, and the hotel told me it was an artist's studio. When I returned the next day, I found the iron gate open, the tower and sea behind it, the lazy goats on the gravel path, almost exactly like the paintings on the rock walls. Around the stone tower are full of tropical plants, scattered among the plant community - some simple expression, lively color clay heads, the head of the aloe barbaric growth, wooden tables and chairs and easels in the sun in the white, the corner is full of Mediterranean style, the pattern of cute broken ceramic tiles and charming chubby-belly pottery.

Through the narrow doors of the tower, you can see the artist Paul Sandulli, the creator and owner of these Mediterranean sculptures, working inside. Sandulli more than 60 years old, is a have a special feeling for the Italian artist, work is given priority to with painting and sculpture, were all related to the sea here: the edge of the cliff in the house of strewn at random have send, anchor in the bay boat, fishermen, town residents, octopus, soft body bikini girls, intertwined, all kinds of Marine life, etc. Sandulli mixes these images with elements from local myths and legends, and each of his works tells an interesting story. As I approached, Sandulli stopped what he was doing and greeted the curious intruder warmly, showing me what he was working on and telling me about his connection to the tower.


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