Visitor-oriented Art Institutes In Beijing Struggle To Cope With Covid 19


2020-06-16 11:53:55


For art institutions that rely on quality venues to attract large crowds and ticket sales, the epidemic has been devastating. Most of these organizations have been around since 2008 and have grown in size as the web celebrity punching culture has developed. The business model also provides an outlet for the digital interactive work of a large number of young artists. This part of the work interesting and cognitive threshold is not high, because it is difficult to use traditional evaluation system to measure, lack of market in the more conservative traditional gallery mode, the author visited the 798 art district, several flow type organization for the more meticulous observation, found that their response to the outbreak of the main strategy for three: outbreak theme exhibitions, closed, the exhibition content to market orientation. Representative institutions of the three strategies are Beehive Art Center, Ullens Contemporary Art Center and Tang Art Center.

Beehive hosted a large group exhibition, Being of Ann, which picked up a lot of people. The exhibition includes more than 60 works by 42 artists. Roughly speaking, the structure of the participating artists is "old with new", and there is no lack of good works, and the space layout is reasonable. However, the author thinks that the curators' choice of theme and language style is quite unreasonable. He chose a vague theme that could cover everything to discuss a certain relative relationship. The exhibition is full of the selection of words of the doctrine and some concepts in the field of Western humanism as the subtitle, which makes the exhibition show an invalid and weak state in many aspects and can not withstand scrutiny.  "Evil is" shows a state of existence in the art community in response to the epidemic: the curators and institutions hope to ride the hot spot of the epidemic and turn the crisis into an opportunity. But the exhibition devotes too much energy to redundant presentation and academic height, and fails to establish an emotional connection with the audience. In contrast, the group exhibition of Tang art is much more sophisticated.


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