Kata Geible's Photography Explores The Ways Late Capitalism is Changing Us


2020-06-17 11:09:35


Thinking about the human condition in the capitalist model, this quote from the Bible is incredibly timeless. The impact of consumerism on humanity cannot be underestimated. There is Nothing New Under The sun, a series of photographs by Hungarian photographer Kata Geibl that visually explores issues related to globalization, capitalism, and collective memory. They explore the impact of capitalism on individuals and the planet.

Go out and leave the familiar native, the border across the border to unfamiliar region, find the detachment from the grand narrative of the unfinished, found that citizens of the world different ideology behind a life - as a way of life of life is "alternative" a bit, or type of exploring truth lonely experience, only belong to a young - some of them. What is the motivation to leave a city with its construction picture already spread out, to wander among the suburbs in a state of idleness and concern, to be accompanied by a road and a camera, to imagine the world while talking to myself... This is the first series of curiosity I had after seeing Kata Geibl's work. This way of life has been an important part of KataGeibl, a young photographer who has attracted a lot of attention recently since his student days, perhaps out of a sense of mission to the photographic media, or perhaps out of a conscious separation from the surrounding environment. Geibl's images can reveal a sense of alienation that belongs only to the mind of young people.

Twenty to thirty years old age is the most people break through the relatively narrow self experience, begin to integrate, and in which to set up the stage of the cognition of self and the world, and I think one of the biggest differences Geibl is that she chose the seemingly circuitous paths: first, through the crowds gathering zone, where more needs to be face to face with ourselves, experience and witness the distance there. This can be seen from the Angle she chooses to shoot.


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