The Digital Dreamscapes Of Pipilotti Rist


2020-06-18 15:04:33


Pipilotti Rist is an internationally active female image artist in recent years. Her portfolio of images, music, behavior, and installation is full of bold experimental spirit, showing women's unique self-confidence and unique sense. She brings all kinds of media materials into full play. When you are in pipi's exhibition, you will not help but sigh "She is really a treasure box!"


In the field of modern and contemporary art, there are many artists who use female discourse as a creative technique, pipilotti Reist is one of them. In the Bible, Adam gives the name to everything, and men have had a monopoly on language and discourse since God created everything. This continued for years until, with the rise of the feminist movement and the awakening of women's consciousness in the 1960s, women stopped using male language because it was an endorsement of their values and ideology. How to break out of the old hierarchy and the cage of male discourse, face up to the unique desire, experience and life of women different from men, and establish and seek a female specific discourse has become a theme of feminist movement. Many of Pipilotti's works revolve around this theme.


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