Beatriz Gonzalez: Colombia's Queen Of Pop Art


2020-06-19 10:21:23


As one of Latin America's leading artists and one of the few representatives of Latin America's "radical female generation", Beatriz Gonzalez, 82, is a renowned painter, sculptor, pioneer of Pop art, curator, art historian and critic. She used her paintings to record the important events in society and her own thoughts on life, expressing deep sadness, irony, happiness and death.


In the 1950s, inspired by European modernism pioneers such as Gauguin and Manet, "Color Field Painting" became a new style and force, joining the ranks of art history, and the political metaphor of Color was soon discovered and used in the field of aesthetics.


Born in Bucaramanga, Colombia in 1938, She studied architecture, painting and art history at the University of the Andes in Bogota in the early 1960s, and printmaking at the Amsterdam Academy of Fine Arts. In her study of fine arts, Beatrice has deliberately borrowed images from Western art history and local newspapers, recreating them in a language based on image, plane and color. In addition to painting on canvas, she enjoys exploring everyday media such as curtains, furniture and wallpaper.


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