The Mindcraft Project Spotlights Experimental Denmark-Based Studios

Emily Engle

2020-06-19 10:36:27


The Mindcraft Project is a platform for explorative and experimental design from Denmark, organized by Copenhagen Design Agency. After 11 years in Milan, The Mindcraft Project 2020 will this year be presented in a new digital format.

The digital exhibition features the work of 10 Denmark-based design studios. While a wide range of projects are included, each studio has one common thread: a research and experimentation-driven design process.


Cathrine Raben Davidsen’s TOTEM ceramics merge three cultural inspirations: Mexican terracotta, Danish Bronze Age stoneware, and German Bartmann ceramics. Various treatments have been used on the surfaces, from an oxblood glaze to 24-carat gold to salt firings. The collection was made in collaboration with Royal Copenhagen using historical glazes from its archives.


Mathias Bengtsson invented an AI design technique that grows organic forms inspired by cellular growth patterns, which they applied to the Growth Chaise Lounge.


Friction In Between is part of an ongoing project where designer Tanja Kirst explores how the hemp plant can be transformed into durable and sustainable woven textiles. Hemp is resilient and easy to grow, making it an important sustainable material to utilize.


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