Hao Li:Bloom Like Wild Flowers


2020-06-22 21:19:01


"If you are lucky enough to see her work and listen to her voice, her work will captivate you."This is the famous Hollywood director Robert Minkoff, about a Chinese rural girl. Although she is a village girl, her works are very unique all over the world. Once you take a look, you will be attracted by her paintings.

Hao Li, an artist from the countryside, has created 4,600 works in 23 years. One work sells for tens of thousands of yuan. His works are treasured by France and Sweden, and he is a veritable artist.But what few people know is that her life was a living counterattack.

Poverty and a preference for sons cast the biggest shadow over her childhood. The three stages of Hao Li's artistic creation correspond to the three stages of his life. Medium expression enters the city confused, the difficulty subject matter; Later performance of gestation, new themes. The early and middle period is full of confusion and sadness, while the later period adds a bright red and purple color to express joy and happiness.

Her life, although subjected to countless prejudice and ridicule, but if you do not give in, what the world can take you? As Hao Li himself said: Live like wild flowers, tenacious vitality; Bloom like wild flowers, leaving fragrance in the world.


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