Chinese Courtyard: Beautify Into An Ink Painting


2020-06-23 10:54:00


The house that builds for farmers, in designers’ hands, become "the most beautiful countryside" this year. Recently, it was because of the hundreds of houses in the village: white walls, gray tiles, blue stone winding path, flowers and grass, as beautiful as a dream.


This is not a villa, still less a home stay, but a group of returning houses built for farmers. They come from the top design institutes in China. Before designing the farm house, these design institutes have built over 70 million villas per house, and the project has been listed in the top 10 luxury houses in Asia in 2016.


Today, with financial subsidies for building a new countryside and targeted poverty alleviation, farmers can buy it for just over 50,000 yuan.


Relying on Chinese aesthetic, these top designers break with the stereotypical earthiness and sameness of the Chinese countryside. After the completion of the project, there were people in their seventies and eighties who lived in the building, with tears in their eyes. Others simply want to move to Suqian to farm and become farmers. After seeing the house in Suqian, many people, including me, sincerely sigh, "This is the idyllic dream of the Chinese people".


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