Graduation collection of Academy of Fine Arts, Tsinghua University


2020-06-24 17:35:46


The online graduation Works Exhibition of Academy of Fine Arts, Tsinghua University has been attracting people's attention since its launch. This exhibition is of special significance in a special period.

In the face of the challenge of the COVID - 19 outbreak, tsinghua academy of textile clothing art design, ceramic art design, visual communication design, environmental art design, industrial design, information technology fine arts, art design, painting, sculpture, art history, basic teaching and research section, a total of 11 training units of 282 graduates and 167 master's graduates to overcome difficulties, insisting on creation, through online way to communicate with teachers, high quality completed more than 1000 pieces.

In order to better present the creative achievements of this year's graduates, the Academy of Fine Arts of Tsinghua University organized a research and development team to specially design a set of online exhibition system, which supports students to upload their works independently and teachers and students to independently arrange the exhibition to build a virtual exhibition corridor side by side.

"I am very happy that the teachers and students of the Academy of Fine Arts have overcome multiple difficulties, insisted on completing teaching and graduation creation, and made great efforts for the successful completion of graduation design. For the students, this exhibition will be a very rare life experience, and this exhibition in this special period is a valuable attempt. I hope this special exhibition will be a memorable moment in the history of talent cultivation and discipline construction of the Academy of Fine Arts." Said Peng Gang, vice President of Tsinghua University.


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