Fen Mo:Dance The Beauty of Chinese Culture


2020-06-27 13:32:25


For "Fen Mo", time is the most endowed with people's feelings. The creation and appearance of " Fen Mo " has gone through a very tortuous process. The creation of Chinese classical dance should be independent and academically conscious, not limited to copying and attaching to opera in the 1950s. It is necessary to establish the ontological function of dance and show the characteristics of body-rhyme language, instead of solidifying in traditional movements.

It is necessary to discuss the meaning and value of creation in the aesthetic sense, combine with the poetry with the most cultural images in China, dilute the plot and plot, step out of the form of grand narrative, and pursue the idea of poetry, situation and abstraction. With such a meaningful and transcendent creation proposition, the creation group decided to continue to explore and improve, thus determining the creation of "Pink · Mo" with poetry and freehand brushwork as the proposition.

Two years, as the general director of Liang Qun gave up all the work, in Beijing dance academy in the past two years, read books Chinese art and aesthetics, in search of thought and spirit fulcrum, and other members of the creation and choreography will focus on the Chinese aesthetics, Chinese painting, poetry and drama. Although the creation of " Fen Mo " took three years of twists and turns, " Fen Mo" is a meaningful thing god has given so much time to do.


Dispatched by the Eurasian ministry of culture, the Chinese classical dance department took " Fen Mo " on tour to five central and eastern European countries. On January 18, solstice, February 5, the performance team performed 9 performances in Serbia, Macedonia, Bulgaria, Poland and Hungary.

Audiences in central and Eastern Europe expressed strong love for this work, and the curtain call of many performances lasted as long as 15 minutes. Although most audiences did not have a deep understanding of Chinese culture, they felt the beauty of Chinese culture and endowed the work with their own understanding.


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