Wu Han: Beautiful City Of Lakes


2020-06-28 11:05:49


The COVID-19 epidemic has made Wuhan known to more people. How beautiful is Wuhan?

Wuhan is located where the two rivers meet and there are many lakes. The people of Wuhan, who live by water, have innate affinity with water. These rivers and lakes are full of memories of Wuhan people. Lakes are the pride of this city and the best name card of Wuhan.

Long ago, most of Wuhan was still a vast ocean. The geological study in China shows that the geology in Wuhan area is mainly composed of lake deposits and residual slope deposits. In the following long years, the oscillation of the Yangtze River brought about a general pattern of the distribution of lakes along the river in Wuhan, while the passage and diversion of the Han River and other tributaries affected the formation and distribution of lakes in Wuhan.

East Lake is the most famous lake in Wuhan, comparable to the West Lake in Hangzhou, and the second largest lake in China. 33 square kilometers of water are covered with smoke and waves. 34 lush hills are tightly surrounded.

The people of Wuhan have been immersed in the waves of the Yangtze River and the hundreds of  lake for thousands of years, forming their unique "Jiang Hu" culture. Different from the Wu-Nong dialect in the south of the river, the sons and daughters of the City of River have long nurtured a unique magnanimous atmosphere in the big river. Character is flowing, action is not trivial, the soul is free and spontaneous, and also proud.


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