Design Help Building Farm Product Brands With Cultral Aesthetics


2020-06-29 18:39:12


"Agricultural products should not just stay in the traditional stage of pricing by weight. The brand of agricultural products should be combined with cultural aesthetics, so that the value of agricultural products in people's life can be better valued, and the brand of agricultural products can have an appealing vitality." That's the idea behind Rong Brand, a Brand culture design studio based in Beijing.

"Lvbaolitai" is a brand in cooperation with Rong brand, specializing in organic agricultural products, including rice, soy milk and so on. Rong Brand design team for "Lvbaolitai" to create a new visual image and packaging. On the packaging of all agricultural products, you can see the green heart logo designed by Rong. The designer enlarged the "altruistic" logo by combining the old seal style trademark with ancient Oriental ancient calligraphy.

Symbol is different from western cognitive the heart-shaped symbol of love, here the green heart is a kind of mind after fully blending rendering intent, forget about the ego, simple sincerity, took an altruistic heart, his hands and took his hands from shape heart and an Oriental aesthetics symbol of simple moral added to the products - a move the heart of the delicate temperature and humanities. The green color chosen for the logo is the unique "chalcedony green" of the East.Green is the color of germination, in people's subconscious, bring nature and fresh.

A series of products designed by Rong brand for the brand of hand-made ancient tree Puer tea, "Ancient tree tea in the Rain Forest", perfectly blend the Oriental aesthetic characteristics with the novel and young fashion design style. Among them, the "Jinshi" series packaging design borrows the local ethnic minority patterns to support the brand products, and takes the brocade patterns of six ethnic minorities as the packaging aesthetic theme. The fermentation time of the old tree tea is the splendid time.


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