Master Beauty visits Yunnan Rural Women, And Bring The Traditional Arts And Crafts To Europe


2020-06-30 10:29:32


Lin Fanglu, who was born in Dalian, China in 1989, has been studying tie-dye for seven years. While studying for a master's degree at the Central Academy of Fine Arts in 2014, she went to her village in Yunnan province to study tie-dye with a group of local Bai women.


The most surprising thing is that her combination of this craft with chairs and sofas has been so popular that she has created a huge and visually stunning art installation, which was shortlisted for the Craft Award of The LOEWE Foundation in France in 2020.


Unlike many Beijing artists who have their studios in dachang houses on the outskirts of the city, Ms. Lin's is in a park in the chaoyang district, a two-story building tucked away in a lush forest. This is a fashion furniture exhibition hall originally, after others moved out, Lin Fanglu also did not do what transformation, directly with their own tie-dye to do large and small furniture, art installation moved in, hung all over the wall. 


Go to study tie-dye, Lin Fanglu is holding a try and try attitude. Based on information found online, she went to Zhoucheng village in Dali. In Asia's largest Bai village, older women gather under eaves and in courtyards to make tie-flowers, and Ms. Hayashi is struck by the rich, complex and primitive power of the ordinary cotton cloth they weave in the hands of rural women.


Thus the work based on the tie-dye craft was made in Lin Fanglu's hands and was shortlisted for the LOEWE Foundation Craft Award in 2020. This is the power of traditional craftsmanship.


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