The Spring of New York:Liu Xiaodong's Works In New York


2020-07-01 17:38:27


Artist Liu Xiaodong has been stranded in New York since February for COVID-19. During this time, he created a series of watercolors works in his small apartment in New York, documenting the city's changes over the past four months. Lisson Gallery exhibited Liu Xiaodong's works"The Spring of New York" online.


Liu Xiaodong, a realistic artist, has been devoting himself to presenting the drastic changes of our times and exploring deeply the complex problems of society. The latest series documents many historic moments, such as the scenes of New York during the epidemic, deserted playgrounds, empty streets, fallen trees, a lone pedestrian and the figure of his wife and daughter, to the images of the Black Lives Matter (BLM) protest movement in recent weeks.


Liu Xiaodong’s exhibition "The Spring of New York", runs until July 11.


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