The Vitality Of Design: A' Design Award & Competition


2020-07-02 14:20:49


A 'Design Award & Competition will announce excellent works in different design areas every year. This works will be awarded in this competition. The 2019-2020 awards have been announced. A total of 2,089 designers from 107 countries and regions won awards.

In the packaging category of A 'Design Award & Competition, food packages have obvious advantages, followed by digital products. The cultural diversity of the winners included designers from India and Iran. Chinese designers won gold and silver awards for multiple packaging works, including drinks, drinks and digital products, reflecting the progress of Chinese design in recent years.

The setting and system of A 'Design Award & Competition is commendable. The flexible operation mode and organization ensure the vitality and effective operation of the Competition.

Awards are rich, reflecting the organization's friendly to designers. Designers are alive, so is Design Award. A 'Design Award & Competition will attract more attention on the world Design stage.


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