Peng Wei:distinct styles showing contemporary and traditional


2020-07-03 13:23:35


Peng Wei, an artist born in Chengdu, began to learn Chinese painting from her father at the age of two and won many awards in her childhood. Her works have distinct styles: stones, embroidered shoes, robes, etc., which are contemporary and traditional, and showing vitality and ancient charm.

Peng Wei is very productive. After nearly 20 years of continuous creation, she broke through herself again and began to work on female themes for 4 years: Painted on the body of a female model, painted on a 50-meter scroll, painted in a vintage European frame... With the image of ancient women, the plight and encounter of contemporary women are depicted.

 Peng wei's new works will be exhibited at the Guangdong Museum of Art in July.


One visited Peng Wei's studio in Beijing, where she listened to her talk about her work, her life and the women in her eyes.

In this 100 much smooth rice double entry space, the big table that faces north is all sorts of brush and paper, "pick up conveniently to be able to draw". One wall, from bookshelves to the bottom, is full of ancient and modern Chinese and foreign picture books, novels, the most is letters, are constantly feeding her nutrition.


On the other side of the space, there is a whole blank. She thinks there should be enough "space" to think and complete the creation of a large scale.

Peng Wei is more modern and fashionable than we think of an ink painter. In private, she is a hot topic in American TV series and society. But when she comes into a state of creation with a bunch of hair up, her quiet explosive power, her powerful aura, all of a sudden the world goes back.

From the second floor mezzanine overlooking, on the ground to do a big painting of her, thin, but very powerful, there is a kind of through the "chivalry".


"This exhibition at the Guangdong Art Museum is a collection of all my work over the past three and a half years. For the past three and a half years, I've been painting the same subject: women. In fact, the seven series of works are intended to describe some difficulties, entanglements and pains of women in social life. They may come from my own experience, as well as my experience of the common destiny of some women around me and in history." She said.


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