The Beautiful Scenery In Northwest China.


2020-07-05 17:12:26


More and more people are fascinated by northwest China, especially Qinghai and Gansu, which are lonely, vast, desolate, silent and vibrant.

July is coming, the rape of Menyuan is in bloom. Qinghai Lake is at its most beautiful time. Chaka Salt Lake is shining white. Drive a car, carrying the people you love most, and open the window, walki in the most beautiful scenery.

It's a beautiful loop with heavenly views that doesn't go back. Start from Xining, go to Qinghai Lake, walk Delingha to Dachaidan, enter Dunhuang, then to Hexi corridor to Zhangye, and finally return to Xining. The whole journey is 2800 kilometers.All your fantasies about the Northwest can be found here along this road.

Menyuan · Rape flower Sea

July in Qinghai has another name, called Menyuan. Menyuan rapeseed flowers like fairy tales. There are flowers of the sea, the dream of the world, flowers. At this time, the most comfortable way to play is to ride a small car,  to feel the nourishment of every scene with your eyes, feel the touch of every inch of air with your skin, and feel the infinite tenderness of northwest China with your heart.

We like Qinghai Lake because of its beautiful scenery.

Qinghai Lake like a mirror swaying in the wind. The blue sky, white clouds, and snow mountains, like a beautiful oil painting.

Chaka Salt Lake

Chaka Salt Lake is adjacent to Qinghai Lake, where you can appreciate what the real lake is like a mirror, like the world in a fairy tale.

For a moment, you can't even tell which is the sky, which is the lake, which is the real world, which is the illusion in the water.


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