Murals : The Forgotten Chinese Artworks


2020-07-05 17:10:52


Ancient murals are the precious wealth left to us by our ancestors. At the beginning of the 20th century, foreign expeditions uncovered a large number of ancient Chinese murals from buildings and caves, leading to the scattering of many fine paintings abroad. These murals are an important part of Chinese ancient murals, reflecting an extraordinary history.


As far as we know, ancient Chinese murals are in possession in Britain, France, Germany, the United States, Japan, South Korea, Canada, Russia, India and other countries. They display and display these murals and study, develop and use them. For some reasons, there has been no international agreement and convention on the return of murals, and the conditions for their return have not yet been met. These murals, which should have been in China, are rarely seen by Chinese people. Therefore, in the case that the original murals cannot be satisfied, copying and copying these murals and making copies of ancient murals are one of the means to make up for the defects, as well as an effective way to protect and spread murals, which is also of positive significance to the inheritance and promotion of excellent traditional Chinese culture.


Ancient murals is the carrier of traditional culture, in recent years, with the promotion of the strength of a country, the remarkable increase of national self-confidence, under the background of traditional culture become fashionable, Jiangsu institute of Wang Yansong teacher traditional mural research team of mural copy and copy for many years, and repair of the central academy of fine arts research institute and other professional groups declared the national art fund spread communication cooperation projects, this is the first time domestic copies lost precious murals by recreating the way for centralized exhibition and spread. For a long time, Jiangsu institute of fine arts college of art based on the concept of cultural heritage protection, the use of traditional mural art and the modern new material and technology of the combination of production technique, with the same as the ancient murals medium as a base, the loss of overseas reproducibility to copy and imitate ancient murals, from foreign big wall go down to "return to the motherland", make people at home can enjoy these looted murals, quality.


These fresco replicas present the connotation of immaterial in the form of material, reflect the contemporary performance function of traditional materials and techniques, and make a beneficial exploration for the inheritance and promotion of traditional mural art. This is also in response to the national Belt and Road Initiative, telling the "China story", implementing the national "project for the inheritance and development of excellent traditional Chinese culture" spirit, adapting to the development of The Times, and serving the modern society, so that the ancient mural painting, especially the mural art that has been lost overseas, will shine with the splendor of the new era.


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