Cai Jie With His Realistic Paintings


2020-07-06 15:30:00


If you thought the pictures above were photographs, think again. It is not a photograph, but a painting by Cai Jie, an artist born in Zhejiang province in 1973. How realistic is his painting? Even when zoomed in, there is no flaw. The shape of a hair and a finger of a beautiful woman is the same as that of a real person. Especially this full head of shampoo foam, lifelike to let a person want to gently touch. The beauty of the eyes, it is to make people fall in love.


Authenticity and nature are the two main characteristics of Cai Jie's paintings. As long as you get close to his paintings, you can't look away from them. This is the charm of Cai Jie's paintings. Such superb painting skills, in fact, because Cai Jie 28 years of painting foundation. Cai Jie has been learning painting since he was a child. He has studied in Jinyun Arts and Crafts School, Guangzhou Academy of Fine Arts and China Academy of Fine Arts successively. He studied under famous artists such as Sun Jinggang, Chen Yiming, Chang Qing and Wang Yutian. He prefers to paint portraits of female figures, and his portraits are almost authentic. In his paintings, you can not only feel the texture of clothes, but also notice every expression of the figures, and even the movement of every hair can be accurately captured.


"As long as the painting is done well, it will be worth the money." Destiny never lives up to, every person who runs hard, finally, Cai Jie, who has been working silently for recent decades, won the 13th ARC International Art Grand Prix and the first prize of portrait class by virtue of a painting "The Language of Flowers". Cai Jie, who has been unknown for many years, finally became popular! But if you look carefully, you will find that in the tranquility, there is also a kind of absurdity, not in line with the reality of some details, and painting style to form a contrast, Cai Jie surrealism painting style, the main source of composition.


"Cai Jie has created a false reality, a convincing fantasy," said the judges of Italy's FAC International Contemporary Art Fair. A great success is not the power, but how long it can last. Although it is not recognized by everyone at present, as long as he persists, one day Cai Jie will overcome all the disputes.


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