Time Files: The Graphic Design Of Journal In Minguo


2020-07-06 18:23:34


"The literature and art of a country should possess an independent spirit, which is the outward manifestation of the unique characteristics of its citizens. Only in this way can a country stand in the world." This is an important point in Liang Qichao's "Xinminshuo" in 1902, and it is often included in the important literature books of modern Chinese art history by scholars of art history.

As an important role of the modern media, the visual elements of the binding design are the important footnotes to the above argument.

In the Republic of China, the number of periodicals, their categories and distribution became a treasure for historians and collectors. The history of the binding of periodicals in the Republic of China is the evolution of modern Chinese fine arts, the integration of traditional aesthetic tendencies and modern design concepts, and gives the world a precious social archive of the past years.


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