Liu Ye: What formed his style?


2020-07-07 14:14:55


Unlike many other artists in China's contemporary era. Liu Ye is known for his dream-like paintings. The fairy tales he loved as a child and the art education he received in Europe made his style. His works have aesthetic, historical and literary significance. Liu ye's fondness for myth and legend set him apart among Chinese painters, and his courageous and thought-provoking paintings captivated the audience and brought them into a world beyond the physical frame.

From growing up in Beijing, living in Europe and returning to China, Liu has absorbed the impact of the environment and different cultures like a sponge. The works created by Liu Ye in different years not only witness his personal growth, but also include his unique world view, which also makes his creation always have unique memory points. Born in Beijing in the 1960s, Liu had little access to Western books. Liu's father was a children's playwright, which enabled him to read masterpieces by the likes of Hans Christian Andersen and Tolstoy. Liu Ye became an imaginative child, a quality that, combined with his upbringing, would later become an important source of inspiration and the way he viewed the world. After graduating from the Central Academy of Fine Arts, Liu went to study at the Berlin Academy of Fine Arts, where he graduated in 1994. His time in Europe allowed him to draw inspiration from the work of many western masters and to discover works by artists he had never seen before.

Liu Ye absorbs a lot of different elements, and through re-creation, presents them in symbolic and thematic forms in his artistic development path, which is like a continuous interactive dialogue.When Liu first returned to Beijing in 1994, he ruminated about the various sources of inspiration for his early work in Berlin. This is an artistic debate between him and his peers, and this scene directly hints at this particular memory. Back in Beijing, Mr. Liu began to use red heavily in his work.Liu ye's subversive humor in this work makes it a reflection on the experience of that generation in China.


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