Li Baofeng: A Folk Paper-cut Artist.


2020-07-08 10:57:16


If you think these are paintings, you're wrong. These vivid scenes come from a pair of skillful hands and a pair of scissors. Its creator, artist Li Baofeng, came from northeast China.

This is not the first time she has been misunderstood because of her vivid paper-cutting works. The root of the misunderstanding is actually Li Baofeng's innovation in paper-cutting: she adopted the multi-layer color-coded paper-cutting method. This method is each color cut out a kind of appearance, finally a variety of colors set together. But it's hard to do. Each layer in the multi-layer color sets is a complete single layer paper-cut work. Single layer paper cuts must be uninterrupted, and each part should be linked together, otherwise it will become a clip art. One layer of paper cuttings are made and then pasted one layer at a time. There are as many layers as there are colors. In order to ensure the effect, most of the paintings have 50 or 60 layers, which gives us the effect of the watercolors we see now.

"Watercolor painting" is just one of Li Baofeng's paper-cut works, the most unique is "oil painting"! Look at the following series of works, if I don't say, can you recognize that this is paper-cut? Texture looks exactly the same as oil painting, can be completely authentic.

Li is good at monochromatic paper cutting, but multi-layer color paper cutting is also a must. In the market, monochrome paper cutting is the mainstream, but the more so, color is more precious.Layer upon layer of color technology, so that black and white paper-cut immediately glow with life.

Look at the camel caravan, the desert, the lake and the woods behind it. Have you guessed the theme of this series of paper cuts is the Silk Road?

Traditional paper-cutting techniques, coupled with modern art, give A different flavor to Li's paper-cutting. Because of her outstanding skills, her works have won many international awards, and she has held personal paper-cutting exhibitions around the world.


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