Jewellery Cultural Exchange Exhibition


2020-07-08 13:47:25


The boundary of contemporary jewelry has been continuously divergent and extended in the context of contemporary art. Its concept originated in Europe in the 1960s, and now it is increasingly diversified in the research and presentation of various cultures around the world. The possibility and artistic value of jewelry are constantly broken through in cultural collision and thinking innovation.


Thirty-two jewelers and artists from The UK, Japan and China have jointly curated an exhibition spanning Europe and Asia through their work in rich personal languages. After the exhibition at the Sunny Arts Centre in London, the exhibition has been touring to Beijing on May 23. With jewelry, metal and contemporary objects as the media, the exhibition attempts to explore the value of the wanton and tenacious "thinking plants" that grow in the gaps between different cultures by presenting the works of jewelers and artists with rich personal language.

Growing up in a multi-cultural education environment, the exhibitors not only expanded the boundary in the form and way of wearing jewelry, but also conducted serious thinking and avant-garde experiment on the media itself which the word jewelry refers to.


Xin Wen, a London-based Chinese jewellery artist also from the Royal College of Art, likes to observe and ponder the loss of daily control, and Can Not presents to the audience a "sense of insecurity" of "absolute security". Can Not is an aluminum can with perfect creases.

"If we compare our personal inner world to a container in which skilled skills are presented, we feel safe.Outside the container, there is an endless space. Family, politics, time, personal development, weather and other things are not all under our control. The sense of omnipotence is broken. The can we squeeze so easily doesn't look the way we want it to." Xin Wen Uses the perfect folding Angle on the can to depict a utopian perfectionist, in this ideal world, every random pinch will produce a perfect geometric aesthetic crease.


However, when the audience looked away from the booth and saw the cans lying on the street corner like crooked and cracked jujube, the contrast set off her realization of "Can Not" in her pursuit of omnipotence. Sometimes things just aren't "what they should be."


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