Yezi: Blooming Painting On The Fabric


2020-07-09 12:45:44


Yezi, formerly known as Tan Yanping, is the founder of "Jin Zhi Yu Ye" brand. This brand was founded in 2001. The garments are inspired by the gardens of south of China, especially the integration of Eastern and Western cultures in Shiliyangchang in Shanghai in the 1930s to 4os. The flagship store of this brand was first opened in MaomingRoad, Shanghai, leading cheongsam and Chinese clothing business to prosperity in thevicinity. This brand becomes the benchmark for Chinese clothing and Shanghai cheongsam fashion.

This time, the work of this brand is called "Hundred Birds Worshipping thePhoenix". Phoenix is the king of birds. This idealized bird has been regarded as a symbol of auspiciousness and a metaphor for nuptial bliss. The peony is the king of flowers.The two naturally combine to become an auspicious pattern. The "Hundred Birds Worshipping the Phoenix" expresses people's longing for peace and prosperity. The "HundredBirds Worshipping the Phoenix", which is magnificent in style and warm in style in its myriad postures, is in actuality a portrayal of the Chinese nation's longing for peace anda better life. The design of this work is a perfect combination of art and technology. The blooming of Chinese painting art is shown through fabrics.

Tan Yanping (Yezi), founder of "Jin Zhi Yu Ye" brand, the external master tutor at the College of Fashion Designof Donghua University, the vice president of the Shanghai Cheongsam Culture Promotion Association, andthe vice president of Shanghai Fashion Accessories Society.


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